The Safest Way to Travel

Statistics show that bus travel is one of the safest modes of transportation available. According to the US Department of Transportation, bus travel is second only to trains in terms of safety. But trains can only travel where tracks are available. So for most people, buses are the best alternative for getting where you want to go – safely.

At New Mexico Texas Coaches, we take great pride in our safety rating. We are in the top 5% of motor coach operators across the country. Our company was also recently certified by the Department of Defense. It was a grueling inspection, but well worth it. It means we can now transport any military group and travel onto any military base – proof that we go the extra mile to achieve highest level of safety.

We also have some of the best drivers in the New Mexico and West Texas area. Most of our drivers have over 20 years of driving experience. They have all had extensive training, background checks, random drug tests, and DOT certification. Also, all of our equipment is routinely maintained and inspected for mechanical and safety-related issues to ensure that our equipment is top-notch. 

 At New Mexico Texas Coaches, our customers' safety is our top concern. We go above and beyond the call to achieve this. Call our Lubbock office today at 806-749-9999 or our Carlsbad office at 575-885-8848. Let us transport you in comfort and safety to your next destination.