5 Things to Bring When Traveling with Kids

New Mexico Texas Coaches is perfect for any long journey, but long trips are often hard on children. when you're traveling with kids, there are a few extras you should bring along to make the ride more enjoyable for them.

1. Games
These days, when we think games, we think video games. While portable hand held video games can do wonders for keeping kids occupied on a long trip, sometimes it's more fun to play a few “traditional” road trip games. Counting license plates, a fun game of “I spy” and “road trip bingo” are a few of the more popular ones. With the panoramic windows featured in all of our buses, you won't miss a thing.

2. Pillows and Blankets
A good way to keep your energy up for the activities planed once you arrive at your destination is to take a nap along the way. Since children are more susceptible to subtle changes in temperature and find it harder to get comfortable, bringing along a pillow and blanket will help them get a little rest on the way.

3. Snacks
It's hard for kids to go a long time without a little snack, so be sure to pack a few things for the ride. And don't worry about anyone needing a pit stop after that third bottle of water, our on board restrooms will allow you to make sure the wheels keep turning.

4. Books
A trip is definitely a great time to catch up on a little reading.

5. Movies
New Mexico Texas Coaches features an on board DVD player, so bring a few movies to help pass the time during your trip.

Worried about where you're going to keep everything? Don't sweat it. New Mexico Texas Coaches feature lots of space for both your group and all of the entertainment they can carry.

Getting There is Half the Fun at New Mexico Texas Coaches

When you plan a group outing, it's important that everyone has a good time. It rarely makes a difference where you're going – the destination usually offers plenty of activities once you arrive. What usually makes the difference for everyone is the process of getting there and back.

Whenever someone tells you about their trip, they spend half the time telling you what went wrong on the flight – or during the drive – back and forth. At New Mexico Texas Coaches, we take the stress out of the entire trip, so the good times start as soon as you board our bus.

We offer the finest in luxury bus travel, with top-rated motor coaches packed with amenities so you can enjoy the leisurely trip. But our customers consistently tell us it's our drivers who make the biggest difference. Most of our drivers have over 20 years of driving experience, and they've left quite an impression on our customers. Most of our customers won't travel with any other bus line once they've experienced the personal service and professionalism our drivers provide.

Why sit on a cramped plane with flight attendants who couldn't care less about you? Why worry about driving directions or finding a convenient rest stop along the way? Our experienced drivers at New Mexico Texas Coaches will handle all of that for you – and they'll always be friendly and helpful. That's what we pay them for.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your next group outing in style with New Mexico Texas Coaches. Call us today at 806-749-9999 (Lubbock) or 575-885-8848 (Carlsbad) and let us take you on your next vacation.

Join the Party with New Mexico Coaches

The next time you want to visit some place new and exciting, consider joining a group bus charter from New Mexico Texas Coaches.

Whether you're traveling as a single, a couple, or a small group of friends, you can join one of our group charters and go along for the fun. We can take you anywhere in the country in the safety and comfort of one of our luxury motor coaches. And best of all, you don't have to know anyone else in the group or be affiliated with some club or organization. All you need is the desire to travel someplace fun at a very reasonable cost.

We'll take care of your transportation, so you can focus on fun and relaxation. We're already putting together a casino outing to the Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek, Colo., and many new excursions are in the works. Check our website often for upcoming group charters.

We offer reduced rates based on the number of seats you book, and we offer all-inclusive packages including meals and lodging. Best of all, you don't have to spend time reading maps and planning where to go. We'll provide you with a full itinerary of fun activities to enjoy once you reach your destination.
Call New Mexico Texas Coaches today at 806-749-9999 (Lubbock) or 575-885-8848 (Carlsbad) and let us take you on your next vacation.